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Barn Wedding

Updated: May 5, 2022


This venue was so perfect and beautiful. The bride and her wedding party got ready in the old farm house that was on the property. The pictures I got of the bride in her dress next to the window with the natural light shining in are beautiful. I really try to capture everything I can with natural lighting. I only use flash if really necessary. I also was obsessed with her dress. It was so classic, and beautiful, and the buttons were a thing to photograph in it's self. Joann did her own make up so it looked very natural and matched her dress perfectly. Now the BARN which I was also obsesses with. All the history that are in barns fascinate me. The way the light was shining through the old tattered wood was amazing. Again as you will see in the barn pictures I kept the lighting natural. There were so many barn doors that I wished could of been open, but it was chilly that day so only one was open, and as you will see in my pictures I took advantage of the cool wind that was blowing through the barn door and was making the long white curtain dance in the breeze. I really couldn't stop taking pictures of that. People must of thought I was weird lol. I was thankful that Joann and Cody chose me to capture their special day. I may have had more fun then them :)

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