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Halloween wedding

I was so excited for this Halloween wedding! I am a big fan of Halloween. It was fun to see everyone in their costumes. The best pictures of the wedding party I got were the ones I did outside. I turned off my flash and turned up my iso. The flash would have totally ruined the vibe. with the iso turned higher you get grainy pictures and in this case it definitely fit the moment. The masks they are wearing in the pictures on the dance floor were part of the photo booth props. I saw that there were two matching masks and asked if they would like to both put them on and get some fun pictures. The bride was against it at first, but ended up going along with it. I think they came out pretty cool. If I have an idea when I am shooting I bring it up and at least try because most of the time it ends up being the pictures I am most happy with! Hope you enjoy these photos


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