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Infant photography in home session

The best part of an in home session is you do not have to leave your home! I will come to you at whatever time is most convenient for baby. If it's 9:00 am or 7:00 pm. I am very patient with allowing time to feed baby or giving baby time to calm down before doing the session. I do have reviews on Google if you would like to check out before letting me into your home. It is up to the family if you or siblings want to be included in the pictures or just the baby. I love using natural light coming in from a window as you will see in the pictures below. If natural light is not available I will use soft flash and the pictures come out just as good, The pictures below with the baby in the red and black outfit is done with using flash. If the weather is nice we can do the session outdoors. Please feel free to ask any questions

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