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Wedding at the Whitney Detroit Michigan

This is a wedding I shot at the Detroit Whitney. The Whitney is an old mansion that was built in 1894 by David Whitney Jr. who was an lumber baron and was the wealthiest man in Detroit at that time. Today this iconic mansion turned restaurant is 22,000 square feet with 52 rooms, 218 windows, 20 fire places and numerous stained glass windows crafted by Tiffanys New York. The home was the fist residential home to have an elevator! The structure and design of the mansion has stayed the same as when it was built. All the wood in the mansion is beautiful and something to see. The Ghost bar is a popular spot to visit, it's said to be named that after tales of Whitney's ghost's hunting the building. The wedding ceremony takes place outside in the garden that is beautiful! The getting ready pictures were taken in two of the many rooms that are beautiful. I loved being in this place, and photographing there, it' old class and I love it. The reception is also held in one of the bigger rooms and it had a balcony. If you are interested in having your wedding there here is the website

Hop you enjoy the pictures!

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